John, Ireland on 19 Jul 2018 wrote:

Great overall service

I found I only needed one treatment to cure my back pain. The combination of acupuncture, deep heat and other Therapies worked brilliantly.

Great overall service.

Nicholas, Ireland on 18 Apr 2018 wrote:

The treatments have consistently and positively assisted my running performance

As a marathon runner and former winner of the Connemara International Marathon, I have experienced plenty of sports injuries and back problems. Over last 10 years, I have received regular treatments from Joe at his ACU Chiropractic Clinic, both for back and sport-related injuries.

I found the treatments by Joe extremely effective and gentle also. The treatments have consistently

Margaret, Ireland on 21 Jan 2018 wrote:

He was very generous with his time and the treatment worked well

I went to ACU Chiropractic Clinic with knee pain and was treated with Acupuncture and the Graston technique. Joe was very generous with his time and the treatment worked well. I would highly recommend and vouch for him.

Daniel, Ireland on 10 May 2014 wrote:

Very thorough

General check, alignments and KST with.
Very thorough and great time allocated to patient. Friendly!


Anna, Ireland on 04 Dec 2017 wrote:

He is going an extra mile to relieve the pain and to realign the body

Having experienced many injuries in the past (3 times sprained knee, sprained ankle, lower and upper back problems) over years I was going to different practitioners but nobody was able to help me to the extent that Joe did.

During the first session, after the initial examination of my knee, Joe started with warming up the muscles around the knee with the infra-red lamp, then he put some acupuncture needles around my sore knee, and afterward, he applied Graston technique to my legs to treat the muscles. Only later, I found out that the latter technique is commonly used for sports people and that there are only a few practitioners of this technique in Ireland.

Even if I was not reporting any particular pains in my back Joe spotted that my posture was out of alignment which possibly was contributing to the knee problem. Therefore he first checked my spine and due to big tension in my shoulders he used Chinese cupping to release the tension from the muscles and realigned my spine gently with help of an adjusting device. Straight away after the first session, I was able to walk better without the limping that I came to his clinic with.

Joe is one of those very few people who truly cares about his patients! He is going an extra mile to relieve the pain and to realign the body.

Linda, Ireland on 28 Oct 2013 wrote:

Very pleased

Treatment Received: Graston Technique™

Very pleased with the results and the price. 

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